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September 2020

— Okay sure..thanks a lot


I like that it gets to the point instead of wasting people's time by comparing functions to words in the English language

— 👍

— 👍

— If you don’t understand anything about the function, you can give details about the problem

— Yeah sure..I dint expect this kind of a response anyway thanks a lot 👍

— I don’t think reading this kind of boring book can help you learn JavaScript. When I was a newbie, I would often write demos to understand some knowledge points. When I encountered doubts, then To check document

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— Have you ever heard of 《Secrets of JavaScript ninja》? I am reading this book recently, and I find a lot of useful content~

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— And the 《You don't know JavaScript》

— Sounds great..

— I would say power's in JS, but client JS, not server JS

— Why not?