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September 2020

— Oh can you give more details,?


Anyways, you should use document.document.Element.outerHTML= (new DOMParser().parseFromString(yourString).outerHTML) or similar

— Can't remember name, sorry. I found a corsproxy-like website that supported Data URIs

— Why should i do this?

— Forget about🤤

— I am unable to Implement email signing through javascript and firebase by on my website...

Any suggestion❓❓🙏🙏

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— Hello everyone

— I've been learning javascript through Eloquent javascript book...I got stuck "Functions" chapter...

— Does anyone have reference video for "Functions" ??

— Eloquent.. is it that bold professor🤔

— Nope.. I'm using Eloquent javascript Ebook...

— What book, drop a link