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September 2020

— Yah, lots global variables should be forbidden and avoided


Hello, when opening a new tab using…), the newly opened tab blocks interaction for some reason, be it prompt,alert or print, even the parent tab which opened the tab gets blocked.

— Is it possible to somehow avoid this. i tried opening a link with javascript, but because there is custom html content involved i have to use data uri, and apparently chrome blocks opening data uri as links

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— Https://
regarding chrome blocking data uris

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— What i’m trying to achieve is print a custom html doc without blocking the page interaction, as i have idb transactions open and i dont want them to be aborted due to timeout

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— The user has to click the pop-up once

— Currently i’m doing this:

var newWin="",'','target=_blank');

where result is html as string and the following script at the end:


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— document.close is not a function btw afaik

— It is

— Oh, what does it do?

— It closes the input stream, so that the written changes are reflected in dom

— Also I had a similar problem with the data URI and I fixed via corsproxy