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September 2020

— I am a biggner and I want to learn Java script.
From where, I can learn JavaScript easily?


The last train to the easy learn Jabba station left yes terday. But ive saved one ticket to the plane to the island of the easy learn javascript, its only 99 bucks, hurry up and buy..

— Hey martinmuzatko, where are you busy buddy?

— Hi guys, we are having an issue with chrome mobile users. The browser is caching the old API calls from the last version we uploaded. In clientside we solved the issue by implementing webpack hashes into the build manifests. Works only in pc browsers. Any idea how to solve this?

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— Feeding migrants, kek

— Putting correct headers with expiration time, max.. in apache it's 24h as i recall

— Is there any way to get an object name from it's ancestor obj in JS?

— No

— ;/

— Since an ancestor may be an ancestor of many objects

— Yeah

— Object name is the name of the constructor function, ppl check against it, if it's correct object - instanceof

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