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September 2020

— Hello guys, how can I update apollo cache on a graphql pagianated list?
I can't find resources on this, even the official docs. Any information will help. Thanks in advance

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Guys, do any of you know how to setup graphql for vscode in a project were my schema is being stiched together in memory ?

— Aka: I'm using nextjs schema first approach, I've my schemas splitted around the source and nestjs is putting them together in memory

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— Sorry dont get the question

— What do you want to do?

— What does the following output? :)

typeof typeof 12

— Queue Jeopardy music

— String 😁

— Still having my weird iOS Safari problem. Is it possible that Safari Mobile stops execution of all JavaScript after an error? Not only execution of the specific JavaScript that caused the error?

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— Obviously not. Fixed the error, still doesn't work

— I just don't under stand how it's possible that the browser refuses to run a whole script block

— Safari ios is the new internet explorer, that's how