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September 2020

— CheckoutProduct(<cash>, <price>)

<price> - clean value (from db/storage), like 100.2, not 100.2222222222
<cash> - money given in special format with currency unit bounding

returns false or true or <change> in the format of <cash> but ordered

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I think traders like to split cash by using prices like 99.9 (not 100) to have more control over money they get, cuz users prefer to pay with whole numbers

— Yes, i don't particularly like using libraries but i'm not good with CSS

— You have to be good at CSS for animations, then you may use GSAP

— Nuxt has it built in 👀

— Can anyone unblur online site

— * { filter: blur(0) !important }

— Nuxt or next?

— Exactly what I said. No clue about next

— Please unblur this

— Question

— Hey guys pls unblur this