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September 2020

— Big o notation expresses the maximum time something takes and how it depends on the thing's structure

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Say you have a data structure, appending takes O(1) time and getting an element takes O(log n). This means that the time to append is consant: if the structure has 0, 1 or 100 elements it's the same. Getting an element doesn't always take a number exactly log n (n is the length of the struct), only the longest amount it can take is log n

— There you go...the big O battle

— Only you know wt you write not even the god

— God's for plebs..

— Would anyone consider helping me in DM with a project I'm working on? Just an idea, code isn't needed at all.

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— I have some *premium video*...and I want to put checkout option Time payment and *multiple times access to the video*

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— Please to do that

— Me

— Abdul Bari explained it well.. The last time I remember.. yt

— Hi guys

— I'm on an FCC #javascript project and the solution I came up with is not passing one test ..been on it for a while now 😪

I would like if it could be fixed while maintaining the concept or method I have started with...would like to know what's wrong.

Here's a repl... thank you

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