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September 2020

β€” Yep


Do you remember beginbot πŸ€” that guy tested how strict types will influence his script, in a week, when i asked him "so what about", he could not answer clearly, but i noticed he was jumping around type-related problems in the code at that time🀀

β€” Lol

β€” Well at least he switched to a language with required strict typing

β€” Lol? don't believe me? ask yourself but i doubt he's got a truthy answer, cuz all pro-streamers got this "shield" at some point when they start to monetize.. he's online, let's go.. ask, ill watch

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β€” Don't believe you about what?

β€” I'm confused

β€” Please who has a perfect idea of any women in tech website

β€” Wat women in tech

β€” Wat

β€” Like Plato idealism?

β€” Yeahh