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September 2020

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So... You post a screenshot, with a piece of code, no context at all, no information on what you are trying to achieve, nor the output that you are getting, and you are expecting to get help... What is the thought process to have that expectation?

— Actually everything's wrong

— Those <script> tags.. should be .js file for any reasonable logic

— That CSR logic especially, should be a separate thing

— Kek, bugs even there🤤

— Can't you see🤤 pointerenter/pointerenter vs pointerenter/pointerleave

— Don't worry mish


if (a !== -1) {/*...*/}
equals to
if (~a) {/*...*/}
where a is a number

— Yes

— See, code blocks🤨

— No need to search for "js array comparison" function, you can do it in the block, more autonomy man!