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September 2020

— What i want to achieve is for example <div id=menu1></div> <div id=menu2></div> <div id=menu3></div> <div id=content1></div> <div id=content2></div> <div id=content3></div>

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const div = document.querySelector('#id');

function hide(node) { = 'none';

function show(node) { = 'invalid kfvktfkig';


— Want to be able to only dynamically shownwhat i want e.g menu1 and conten1 first function then eg menu2 and content 2nd

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— Tried that already with jquery show and hide and js raw display none and block

— RubenVerg function showScreen(id) {
var screen = document.getElementById(id); = "block";
//$("#"+id).show(); = "visible";
function hideScreen(id) {
var screen = document.getElementById(id);
// $("#"+id).hide(); = "none"; = "hidden";


function hideScreens() {

var screens = document.getElementsByClassName("container");
for (let i = screens.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
let screen = screens[i]; = "none";
// = "none" ;

// = "hidden";
} }

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— Tried bot what i did is first tried to hideScreens (means all) and then only show the ones i want doesnt work

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— So each function has hideScreens () and then the ones i want to display e.g showScreen(menu1)

— Can you share more details or link for this

— Hello guys

— What's the best way to check if directory exists?

— With fs.promises

— Problem is and was is a canvas element i have and need my script without it it works fine any suggestion ?

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