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September 2020

— Or does block B just overwrite them?


You can also do stuff like this:

// start of the function
var a,b,c;// temp

// block A (uses a,b,c, result in a)
// ...

// block B (re-uses b,c, result in a)
// ...

// end
return a

— Ye, right, one missing

— Name re-use is cool because you have to look at blocks, not names

— I don't have functions that have multiple code blocks though

— Each function generally does one thing

— Cuz you are functional sect member🤤

— I think most people will agree this is horrible, not just functional-oriented people

— I don't care about most of the ppl🤤 eleet only, you know

— Well it's important for working in a team

— Oh, really🤤

— Yes