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September 2020

— That's horrible


Some kind of a sign of aristocracy in js🤤 it doesn't influence much (as far as you have small functions)

— ?

— Wat

— This was a sign👆like "like"

— What's the purpose of name reuse?

— Means you have less names to remember, even if it's subconcious

— But each name is overloaded with more functionality

— So you have more you need to remember per name

— And names can't be as descriptive

— Check the example

var a = -1;
var c = 100;
while (++a < c) {/*do something*/}

let temporaryIntegerIndex = -1;
const unchangeableIntegerCountOfLoopCycles = 100;
while (++temporaryIntegerIndex < unchangeableIntegerCountOfLoopCycles) {/*do something*/}

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— Thanks