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September 2020

— Your opinion is very important for the creators


It's hard to even find which version of libzip PHP bundles, but this page suggests something like 1.1 or 1.2:

— Latest version is 1.7.3

— Seems like it can support up to 1.6

— Ppl dont care about versions, they care if it works or not

— That's what newer versions aim to improve

— Better install windows updates, don't compost my brain🤤

— Any advice for a "Promises for dummies" tutorial?

— Often in my code I think "I guess this is another moment where it would be really handy if I could use promises" but until now it seemed all very complicated to me.

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— Https://

— I would probably try this

— Callbacks are composable too🤤 he says that starting at 0:45 kek