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September 2020

— Async await would reduce the indentation


We barely consume each others interfaces. People have to write things twice because they can't deal with the interfaces of others

— Nuts

— And most "interfaces" are just a series of side effects

— Yeah, it is more a team problem than a nodejs problem. But you can see, you can also write shit in node

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— Ok, that I don't envy

— That was always obvious to me

— My hopes are, we will start to write proper interfaces when we use typescript. But people need to learn that as well. Maybe my coworkers are picky about their own code, when they see how the interfaces can play nice to each other

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— I can't judge, since I don't work in a team, at work i only have one more coder, and my private projects are always solo affair

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— But you do use the interfaces of libraries

— Speaking of how bad php is.. zip archive apis are more advanced there vs. the lastest node (no need to call system util or add a dependency)

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— Oof