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September 2020

— High quality answer


But for real, I would recommend you to have a look into existing code and try to understand the differences

— I used both and now I feel more comfortable with React, but just a personal thing

— Guys I just run into this, do you find it to be a ridiculous job posting?

— Why do I feel this is parody

— It's not, I just didn't post the link not to call out the company

— It's the "Wow" part... can be anything there. Important section is the "We require"

— Good point

— But reading the wow part killed my mood

— Not ridiculous if they pay well and this is a senior developer job posting

— The spec part isn't ridiculous?

— I know many job posts are very flexible based on the candidate. They can pay between 20k and 200k... it depends how much u know I guess

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