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September 2020

— Can i trick it by adding service worker that won’t cache a thing?


They it should display placeholder when not connected, but again, it will be blank loading page it think, if there will be no service worker

— The trick with sw works but useless

— Hmmm is it worth to add working service worker then?

— I only had issues with it so far, like it sometimes did not update the page for longer periods of time and so on

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— Maybe to display a placeholder first

— It may be only a dummy html+css template with CSR, then only several files must be cached, like index.html, index.css, index.js, a launcher that will load renderer and stuff

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— Hmm, sounds good, will do, thanks

— Googlers made some caching framework around it🤤

— Tired of coding

— Afterall I will not be coding forever

— 😓😓