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September 2020

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Question, if i want to make website that can be „installed“ as an app (with that + sign), do i need to add service worker or is manifest enough?

I don’t want to add service worker since it’s totally pointless, so it’s not like full fledged PWA, just so it can be easily installed on mobile phones to ur desktop

— + sign wat

— PWA's are installed from the browser's URL

— This, do i need to have service worker for that or is manifest enough?

— Yes, they made a service worker, but the prompt is standard

— I have 0 needs to use service worker and it’d only add n+1 loading cache latency so i don’t really want to go that way

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— Can i trick it by adding service worker that won’t cache a thing?

— They it should display placeholder when not connected, but again, it will be blank loading page it think, if there will be no service worker

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— The trick with sw works but useless

— Hmmm is it worth to add working service worker then?

— I only had issues with it so far, like it sometimes did not update the page for longer periods of time and so on

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