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September 2020

— Client receives mostly JS and many JSON files, then beatiful forms appear in front of his face


CSR is good, but sometimes SSR is needed, because SSR is easier to implement at backend + backenders may have already infiltrated the project, so it have to be SSR

— So SSR is good for backend maintain and I know also good for SEO. But that's it right? Or is there any other benefit

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— It's easier to startup with SSR, and then, slowly move to CSR, imo

— Because if you'll have a lot of interoperational "blocks" you'll have to create/take a framework around it, so it will be some master controller thing

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— Stella you're my hero

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— Question, if i want to make website that can be „installed“ as an app (with that + sign), do i need to add service worker or is manifest enough?

I don’t want to add service worker since it’s totally pointless, so it’s not like full fledged PWA, just so it can be easily installed on mobile phones to ur desktop

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— + sign wat

— PWA's are installed from the browser's URL

— This, do i need to have service worker for that or is manifest enough?