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September 2020

— What if user has SSR, he wont use it..


For my use cases if I have a really simple form I go for pure react, but if I ~3 forms with complex requirements I reach out to a library

— Generated form in backend

— Actually I am not sure how I would do that now haha

— Generated form is SSR-only🤤 you determine how it operates first, some divergence here

— Yeah for my use case is pure CSR

— If <form> html comes from the server, that's SSR, if {json} comes from the server and then DOM is created by client, it's CSR

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— But it's ok.. it's an internal app

— Client receives mostly JS and many JSON files, then beatiful forms appear in front of his face

— CSR is good, but sometimes SSR is needed, because SSR is easier to implement at backend + backenders may have already infiltrated the project, so it have to be SSR

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— So SSR is good for backend maintain and I know also good for SEO. But that's it right? Or is there any other benefit

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— It's easier to startup with SSR, and then, slowly move to CSR, imo