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September 2020

— I created a form with real time, dynamic, cross validations, with possibility to hide, make read-only, etc specific fields, with organized permissions per user, warnings, errors... I can not imagine much more complex stuff for a form and everything is done in a simple way using just simple React with Redux

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The problems my mate had with the library were because of abstraction of how the library works, which you don't have when doing things like validation, manually

— This always happens

— In the future, I would like to see a way to synchronize data validation with the backend. so you don't have to do it twice.

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— At work we do that

— I receive a validations json from backend

— And build UI from that

— Nice

— And just use React with Redux. Not any Blitz or Redux-form library xdDD

— Asp can do that for like a few years already

— More complex.. eaaaasy, just add interoperation with another UI block(s)

— Welll also is possible, simply add another middleware