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September 2020

β€” Console.log returns wat🀨


My work mate is using a library called redux-form and I think is so useless.... Using a plan React is much more simple and you have control over everything. Same can be extrapolated to frameworks sometimes

β€” Back to the roots🀀

β€” If you execute !!console.log('b') you see it is false. Therefore, it doesn't enter the block

β€” Thanks mate!🀝

β€” Np!

β€” If you have a complex enough form, form management libraries in react are useful

β€” Maybe I'd move away from redux form and maybe go for formik or final forms

β€” If your form element are kinda complex and you have to handle states like focus, filled, error and so on, the complexity grows quickly with the amount of fields, then you have pre filling, conditional validations and so on.... So I wouldn't say that form management libraries for react are useless, you just need to be able to tell when you need them and when not.

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β€” I created a form with real time, dynamic, cross validations, with possibility to hide, make read-only, etc specific fields, with organized permissions per user, warnings, errors... I can not imagine much more complex stuff for a form and everything is done in a simple way using just simple React with Redux

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β€” The problems my mate had with the library were because of abstraction of how the library works, which you don't have when doing things like validation, manually

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β€” This always happens