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September 2020

— I would so much like to see FP become a thing in render engines.


Replace "hello" with incrementing numbers. You will see more clearly the order and which are executed

— Phaser was also the only one I used to kind of finish a game. It's pretty nice

— If you understand the parts of a for loop, you already can imagine what is going on

— I got the output as a,b.

Can someone explain the reason why I'm getting those two values as output. Instead of the console.log statement I wrote inside the for loop ?

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— Https://

— Https://

— Console.log returns wat🤨

— My work mate is using a library called redux-form and I think is so useless.... Using a plan React is much more simple and you have control over everything. Same can be extrapolated to frameworks sometimes

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— Back to the roots🤤

— If you execute !!console.log('b') you see it is false. Therefore, it doesn't enter the block

— Thanks mate!🤝