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September 2020

— Kek, no relation🤤 wat category🤔


Curious thing is that almost all computer science superstars studied either electrical engineering or maths (Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson...)

— Same here. Had to do telecommunicationtechnician, since that is the next best thing you can learn next to software development in Austria. When I wanted to study software (web) development, you could choose from media design (pixeling something) or computer science (basically math)

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— I feel like future programmers will mostly don't understand how a cpu works

— In a near future "programmers" will just write "create a website with 4 tables and 3 images"

— I hope for browsers to change the game and develop a new document standard. You have to bend HTML, CSS and JS really hard with frameworks already to create decent websites

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— True

— And I personally could not imagine creating webapps without frameworks anymore.

— For complex apps definitely not.. but for games I am still not sure sometimes if to use framework or just a canvas library alone

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— For (console.log("Hello"); console.log("Hello"); console.log("Hello")) {

Output :

Can someoone explain what's going on here ?

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— I still have not found the perfect canvas framework. Phaser is pretty limited once you want something specific.

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— I would so much like to see FP become a thing in render engines.