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September 2020

— I think "being bad at maths" doesn't exist. What exist is "being lazy in mental effort"


Programming is about syntax/lingvo vs. math is about computations applied (by CPUs), theoretical (only) mathematicians can't do programming, that's a fact

— Yes, depends also the kind of work

— Computers only compute🤤 if someone wants to go through "official" University, it's better to go to applied maths faculty, not programming oriented.. so.. "to became a programmer"

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— Well said

— Let people learn functional programming, they will quickly want to learn math 👀

— Or at least category theory

— Kek, no relation🤤 wat category🤔

— Curious thing is that almost all computer science superstars studied either electrical engineering or maths (Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson...)

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— Same here. Had to do telecommunicationtechnician, since that is the next best thing you can learn next to software development in Austria. When I wanted to study software (web) development, you could choose from media design (pixeling something) or computer science (basically math)

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— I feel like future programmers will mostly don't understand how a cpu works

— In a near future "programmers" will just write "create a website with 4 tables and 3 images"