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September 2020

— What do you think when someone asks if they can be good programmers while they say they are bad at maths?

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YAGNI - you ain't gonna need it.
Do things only as you need them. Sure basics are important. More important is to know what you need and where to look for it. It will be easier if you know the correct terms. It is hard to look for "how do I multiplicate a number with itself?" when you could instead ask for "how do I get the exponent of x?"

— I think "being bad at maths" doesn't exist. What exist is "being lazy in mental effort"

— Programming is about syntax/lingvo vs. math is about computations applied (by CPUs), theoretical (only) mathematicians can't do programming, that's a fact

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— Yes, depends also the kind of work

— Computers only compute🤤 if someone wants to go through "official" University, it's better to go to applied maths faculty, not programming oriented.. so.. "to became a programmer"

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— Well said

— Let people learn functional programming, they will quickly want to learn math 👀

— Or at least category theory

— Kek, no relation🤤 wat category🤔

— Curious thing is that almost all computer science superstars studied either electrical engineering or maths (Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson...)

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— Same here. Had to do telecommunicationtechnician, since that is the next best thing you can learn next to software development in Austria. When I wanted to study software (web) development, you could choose from media design (pixeling something) or computer science (basically math)

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