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September 2020

β€” Basic with... 14 I think. Then decades of nothing and then JS with 33 πŸ˜‚


I am soon turning 30. I am very afraid to become as prissy and narrow-minded like my coworkers. Do I need to be afraid? :O

β€” Hmmm

β€” Yes, they will morph your brain with no return

β€” I was prissy as a teenager and it didn't get better πŸ˜…

β€” At 12 I discovered GTA San Andreas and just wanted to spend my life gaming

β€” And you ended up as developer? You might want to reconsider your life choices πŸ‘€

β€” Now I even don't play games xD Code mostly at work and do music in free time

β€” Stability ease vs. joy of research🀀

β€” What do you think when someone asks if they can be good programmers while they say they are bad at maths?

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β€” YAGNI - you ain't gonna need it.
Do things only as you need them. Sure basics are important. More important is to know what you need and where to look for it. It will be easier if you know the correct terms. It is hard to look for "how do I multiplicate a number with itself?" when you could instead ask for "how do I get the exponent of x?"

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β€” I think "being bad at maths" doesn't exist. What exist is "being lazy in mental effort"