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September 2020

— I started at 13


When I was 12 I opened jpgs in text editor and tried to figure out how to change them. Then I found out about encoding and compression xD

— So, i see you all went through adelphopoiesis with php🤔

— JS at 10

— Basic with... 14 I think. Then decades of nothing and then JS with 33 😂

— I am soon turning 30. I am very afraid to become as prissy and narrow-minded like my coworkers. Do I need to be afraid? :O

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— Hmmm

— Yes, they will morph your brain with no return

— I was prissy as a teenager and it didn't get better 😅

— At 12 I discovered GTA San Andreas and just wanted to spend my life gaming

— And you ended up as developer? You might want to reconsider your life choices 👀

— Now I even don't play games xD Code mostly at work and do music in free time