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September 2020

— Ah, i see, people who are 5 years late, that’s the issue


You also certainly know that it’s not base on .net fw but .net core, C# is more likely python (syntax-wise) and it has many more cool technologies like identity, grpc floating services, fetch controller models and so on

— Asp's dead man⚰️💀php's the king of the web

— Catchphrases over reasons 🏋

— Truth, concentrated🤤

— What’s the last time you did touch asp?

— I don't frame myself easily, only for need to nerd basis

— The comment about asp's better organized doesn't make sense because asp is a framework, ofc it's organized. php in the opposite, is a language, you have to choose "frames" yourself. according to the fact that codebase was "used" by multiple devs, that means that there is no author/architect, very poor leadership from the start. i doubt such multi-culture development would be possible in the asp

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— Okay

— Really nice to see a channel like this that isn't just a syndicated news feed.

— In the end he asked another ask to ask and then disappeared xD

— Okeis