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September 2020

— Flask is a thing, node is not unless it’s serverless functions and you are looking for fast-to-deploy webstack

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But really, there is nothing you could find that node / python / any other shit has and asp does not + it’s fully opensource and runs everywhere (and shsshshsh, it’s fastest most of the time)

— Are you a deployer or programmer🤔

— Leave that to webmasters (can't be faster than php7 + opcache module, on by default)

— I am still longing for your asp hatred reason

— Static type language (same direction .ts)

— ? C# dynamic type?

— Ew c#

— You can do F#

— Tbh never looked at it, does it also use Pascal case? 🤔

— +locking yourself in m$ box

— Aspnet and .net isn’t related to microsoft at all but branding name