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September 2020

— Here is entire UX i am building lmao


I don’t really want to put out my schools administration system public, where application exam results and stuff are accessible lol

— "i am currently building" for ever and ever, eternity🤨

— Ppl need results

— Okay, i built article system for my schools website 2 days ago for example

— Drop a link then🤨

— Working webassembly admin with CRUD system, MSSQL database, aspnet serverside with prerendering, few pages

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— Asp brrr

— Asp skrrrrrrrr

— There is no better server side thing you can’t say a thing about this one /shrug

— Time to get out of the kindergarden and grab an adult's web stack, like php, python, node etc

— What is your adult webstack? 👦