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April 2017

— If you don't, the GC is not smart enough to compensate


So that is all the reasons I was talking about devtools, and really investigating to the heart of the problem before spouting off about how terrible a technology is

— Separate from that, electron is still cancer

— I think it has it's uses and routinely gets abused, but I would not take it to that extreme

— This group feels like getting a AA meeting with alcohol

— Next up on our agenda tonight is window and how not to dump everything in it

— Found this in a high end corporate website's window object

— Had other names in there too, some NSFW

— Along with several debug messages ranging from just random lone ok s to client MODULE thingy loadered (yes, spelled like that)

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— Lmao, this is incredible and fun

— >tmw I was given something to obfuscate

— I love the detail 😂