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September 2020

— What’s the point of doing that?


I need them to be structured so i have some specific output and i can use it like library / wrapper calls / objects

— To check if you able to hold the structure and connections

— And when i need to add / remove some funcitonality, i just go and see what i need to change

— I’d say i am since i am interesting especially in OOD structures lol

— Reason i won’t wrap it as an external library is simple, 1) it’s part of the app itself, 2) i need to change functionallity really often

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— Pretty common with rendering engines i’d say

— If something doesn't fit in your "current" memory ("i just go and see"), means that you lost the grab and you have to open actual code to figure out what it does, what names it uses etc

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— Not really, that’s totally false

— For instance, i totally forgot that my app has some kind of ability to export / import things in „io“ section but

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— I see this and i recall what everything does in fraction of a second

— So it takes me like really, few seconds at most to figure out what the entire export code (+- 500lines) does and i haven’t seen that thing for like 12 days

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