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September 2020

— Like entire-ui transition designs


Those kinda things where you have button you press and it expands over entire screen and it creates tasty user flow

— People do these in framer / after effects

— Https://

— Hahaha

— Michael mapami nau 😂

— 🤔looking at your attempts to find a holy Grail of UI.. have to disappoint you man, those ads are not the reality.. animation is a mistake! (last thing to think about)

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— But he tried nau Michael

— The last outpost i know is GSAP, but it mostly used for banner/logo/wow-kind-of animations, not the UI.. for example you have:

hover, focus and active control states => a, b, c
now, combinations are a, b, c, ab, ac, bc, abc => 7 visual states total, now, count transitions from one state to another...

it grows like a cancer🤤 at this point

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— Helllo
Is there anyone knows about it
x-incssdtm-b: -kvbgi5
x-incssdtm-c: AKDyZpB0AQAA60K4WYyeOKXbep7JRNt4j7CD1QE7Mzum9minUedY6BHtbyes
x-incssdtm-d: AAaihIjBDKGNgUGASZAQhISy1WLnWOgR7W8nrCO8PuT2y0tJAO80S7zHgMd8Ahi6lRBfGYc
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— Please I'm using fontawesome on a project and it's not working

— Please I'm using fontawesome on a project and it's not working