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September 2020

β€” Super boring, as it should be..🀧 time to change the avatar🀀


"Converting circular structure to JSON\n --> starting at object with constructor 'ClientRequest'\n | property 'socket' -> object with constructor 'TLSSocket'\n --- property '_httpMessage' closes the circle"

β€” What kind of error is this

β€” Trying to use axios to fetch from an api in nodejs

β€” The data you're getting isn't valid JSON

β€” It is valid but contains server's error message

β€” Hmm right

β€” Oh really

β€” And I couldnt figure that out

β€” Axios may failed to parse the response or it's a server side problem, i'm not the axios user, so you should better know the difference

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β€” Alright I will figure that out

β€” Axios must work perfect with my asyn-await