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April 2017

— I think electron tends to amplify problems in web apps somehow


It is like the JRE of JavaScript, big with lots of api methods, but as it gets bigger it falls harder

— We were not

— What makes you think I was talking about you :D

— Lmao, it was so intense. But even Dani had more arguments than the article against Chromium Apps 😂

— I had a feeling about a well written Chromium App, and I found this very satisfying evidence.

— A percentaje of 0.0% is used when idle on Visual Studio Code

— And is not a native app

— The fact of the matter is Chromium/Chrome is a tight ship and keeps getting tighter, and it is highly suspect to me to immediately blame it outright instead of the code running on it. My best guess for what was happening to the poor dude was buggy code made by Slack etc... more specifically an infinite loop, something known to eat RAM and CPU at the same time and be semi-hidden depending on how much abuse your machine can take

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— Another very probable cause is bad GC management

— Yes, JS is a GC language, but you should code for it just the same

— If you don't, the GC is not smart enough to compensate