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September 2020

— Well, i am struggling with this


I am creating simple wysiwyg editor without document.execcommand and i need to be able to remove bold / styled text

— You can do selection -> range -> surround to add for example <b> across ur selection

— But how would i remove it then?

— Only idea that i've got is to check if selection range starts and ends in the same node, and if it does, split it the way i've shown above

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— If it does not, you can simply extractContents() and paste them as plain text

— Not entirely sure how will this work with italics and so on lol

— Any better ideas? 😖

— There is no simple WYSIWYG editor, all that is quite complex UI blocks.. more demotivation will follow..

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— I know, i only need the Bold italics text thing

— I bet you are trying to speedrun the minefield🤤 sit down, have some tea, relax..

— Bruh