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September 2020

— 😏


I'm not a pervert to like repositories🤤 the very first star i got was about *if im right you put me a star*

— Can i somehow split node by range?

— <span> test </span


<span> t </span es <span> t </span>

if selection of „es“ given

— You can write a function for that

— Doing so, just curious if there is not anything that already exists

— Gsap made a SplitText module, but that's for animation purposes (to animate any text)

— Well, i am struggling with this

— I am creating simple wysiwyg editor without document.execcommand and i need to be able to remove bold / styled text

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— You can do selection -> range -> surround to add for example <b> across ur selection

— But how would i remove it then?

— Only idea that i've got is to check if selection range starts and ends in the same node, and if it does, split it the way i've shown above

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