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September 2020

β€” Anyone using Anime.js??


How is correct this syntax: <input type="text" readonly> because new html right, i look at MDN examples, they say <input type="text" readonly="readonly"/>πŸ€” seems like obsolete parts from xml.. okay.. better syntax only then..

β€” Frameworks working with shadow dom prefer with / at the end

β€” Is that because they use some html parser hmm..πŸ€” or that's easier to determine self-containers.. oke, got it..

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β€” Please how can I upgrade this app to something nicer

β€” Manually you can.. using some skillz🀀

β€” Im making request to an api inside componentDidMount and setting the state.

β€” But it's running into an infinite loop

β€” What's the solution to this?

β€” There's is a problem in your code. Can't tell you the solution if you don't show it

β€” Thanks .. I've solved it

β€” No, i solved it🀀