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April 2017

— Because those things affect me too


Then the only real argument I have left is to say it is not a perfect electron argument. I have seen many which make much more technical sense. If anything, his article is good reading for the layman.

— That does make sense considering his call to users

— His blog is developer focussed, if you look at the other articles

— I really am interested in what the profiler says about it too

— It should be able to say exactly what is causing the high usage

— I am guessing rogue service worker? Too much i/o? Or it could be more sinister, a memory leak?

— I know what it is in Atom: it's the cursor blink animation :P

— Atom has a lot of problems yes

— It is an example of good design in bad package

— I use it personally, but I have an SSD and great CPU, lots of memory, and don't notice the issues most of the time due to speed

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— I think electron tends to amplify problems in web apps somehow