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September 2020

— Hi determin1st I am trying to format JSON data being displayed on a table. Here is what I am trying to achieve, for empty rows, instead of being blank , I fill them with a hyphen, values greater than 25 I fill there individual cells background with red color, values between 20 and 25 I fill them with yellow color, but for some weird reason my table is not being formatted completely, it is like it is not detecting the ngAfterViewInit() function

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You already use a framework, you should not manually go through the DOM and change things (Angular will wipe them on a redraw), you should use Angulars built-in HTML templating engine to decide when to use which style

— E.g. <td><template ng-if="!data">NO DATA</template></template ng-else>{{ data }}</template></td>

— Ye, right☝️ was cleaning my keyboard and desk, took the Infinity🤤.. well, if you like to step away from automation framework, the mechanistic data structure is where to start from, DOM is a tree, so the JSON is.. then you do a simplified tree traversal node.firstChild.firstChild.children[2] and get those cells (in case of SSR)..

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— Oh god please no

— Why not some refreshing experience🤤

— Look wat css+html can do:

— Anyone using Anime.js??

— How is correct this syntax: <input type="text" readonly> because new html right, i look at MDN examples, they say <input type="text" readonly="readonly"/>🤔 seems like obsolete parts from xml.. okay.. better syntax only then..

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— Frameworks working with shadow dom prefer with / at the end

— Is that because they use some html parser hmm..🤔 or that's easier to determine self-containers.. oke, got it..

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— Please how can I upgrade this app to something nicer