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April 2017

— But anyone can write what he wrote about anything. "my cpu/ram usage is too high on X app" is not enough substance to any argument calling for abandonment of a technology

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So while I agree on several points of his and others, and agree electron should not be the go-to platform for embedding web tech as native, I still call into question the author's true motives and find the lack of substance to be confusing for someone claiming to want change

— He literally claims he does not understand. Right in the article

— It's an opinion piece/blog post, not a new york times article

— He's just complaining about something that affects him, in his free time

— And I find he makes good points

— Because those things affect me too

— Then the only real argument I have left is to say it is not a perfect electron argument. I have seen many which make much more technical sense. If anything, his article is good reading for the layman.

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— That does make sense considering his call to users

— His blog is developer focussed, if you look at the other articles

— I really am interested in what the profiler says about it too

— It should be able to say exactly what is causing the high usage