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September 2020

— He's a beginner.


Hello, i'm a beginner PM anyone who can do my homework😐 and also, who can tell me what to do next, in life

— Accurate

— Thanks😉

— Bruh how do i sum two numbers in javascript please my teacher needs me to do it

— Got a discussion about arrays recently, imagine what will +++ operator do if you have operator ++ that does a concatenation of two arrays? (like a ++ b ===> a.concat(b) )

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— =============>

— Welcome to the party, Koda_Koda! Please review the jspartyrules and the pinned message

— It'd be great if every + just stands for 1 item of the two arrays separately
Concating arrays with 6 indexes would therefore be ++++++ 👌

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— When you use ... why not the same logic you follow

— Dem, Limited spreading, let's open it 🤓
Still I'd want float destructuring first :(

— So const [a, b] = 1.2; console.log(a, b); should return 1 2 or 1 0.2?