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September 2020

— That's correct i suppose🤤


Hey guys need one help I want to create a pagination using javascript for document upload could not able to do it

— Please help me

— A pagination for document upload? what do you want to paginate?

— That's the correct question🤤

— You do a fetch request (maybe API), then wrap the result text into IIFE and get the result of evaluation, may be some JS library object or parameters object.. if it's async, you don't need .load event + may be import ed if prepared for that or with some small stub (to elevate ES5 script to ES6🤤) NODE's users have no interest in that, browser only

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— Can you link to some documentation for that approach?

— Hiiii everyone..I donno whether it is correct asking like this..can anyone suggest me if it is okay to build projects with YouTube tutorials help and uploading it to github...will it help further for companies/interviews like that..plz suggest me..coz at beginning its hard to build projects on my own so I’m doing whatever the YouTube video teaches..

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— I only tested it once with my own script, don't know if it works with others

— That's my ES6 stub file to include a ES5 script that creates a global var httpFetch = ... with the lib

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— Instead of using eval() it's a new Function <code>

— I am studying Python, I saw that 'Spam'*3 is 'SpamSpamSpam'. Is there any similar thing on JS?