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September 2020

β€” Start of the September man🀀 nothing is determined yet


If he did that, "i will quit, i will quit", that sounds like an addict, he will quit only when he's βš°οΈπŸ˜‘man

β€” Hmmm private contributions are not visible I think

β€” Did you check that? i didn't manage to check as i only have one private repo..

β€” Wrote some helper that is not present in the DOM API🀧 guess what it does (clown's tech🀀)

β€” Oh sht, it's with the bugπŸ˜… find the bug

β€” SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

β€” I forgot to add parameter to querySelectorAll that's simplified JS (don't try to compile)

β€” Same for single node..

β€” This font feels like torture

β€” Comic Mono.. see how you can use true "side effects"

β€” πŸ™„