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September 2020

— You need a command line to execute npm install - this gets you all the node_modules


Thank you very much martinmuzatko .

Tried it and it worked.

one more thing. when pushing the project to bitbucket, how do i push from vs code without including the node module folder

— There is probably a file called .gitignore. It tells git to not commit the node_modules

— It contains a list of folders and files not to publish (as glob patterns)

— Your IDE (vs code) will probably gray it out already

— Somebody use date-fns? For change string to date Object?

— Thank you very much for your help🙏🏽

— Ye, maybe make some batch for future generations🤔 assemble_project.bat

— Https://

— 😂😂

— Breathe!

— Woah revolutionary 😵