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September 2020

— What do you need this for? OwO


Price filter? to filter items by price, set in range with two inputs, a widget.. i'll drop later, what comes out of that..

— Understood

— You can check there

— 🥺

— Btw i started working on that dead editor project recently

— Hi everyone, it's been a while.

I need help using bitbucket. I know this is not a javascript question but some of you here might've used it.

working on a project with my colleague, he pushed a code to the repo and asked me to pull, i downloaded the project instead and can't run it without node module.

do i have to install each dependencies manually, run it, make my change, and push it with the whole node module?( Now you see i don't understand a thing yet).

Any help from anyone would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance🙏🏽

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— 😑⚰️

— Who's the master there, you should ask him🤤 i mean why don't they show you how to make that project run. the question is too generic man

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— We work remote where everybody plays their part, if should be reporting a issue, it shouldn't be " how to use bitbucket".
And hey, if you know how to use it please share🙂

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— You always just push the description of the node modules (package.json)

— Which describes what modules are needed