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September 2020

— Just cant tell precisely what the picture denotes


That's the thing that makes you hit the target exactly, it adjusts to the sight of the gun, so you won't need to adjust manually (remember the adjustment all the time).. oh my, i might have called it wrong.. cofused🤤 red dot sight

— An automatic aiming system, like a real-life aimbot?

— Why does it look like a padlock that was turned into a lighter? Also I guess lighters don't make balls of heat

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— In what movie was it demonstrated??

— Not a movie man, life!

— Our master has new pfp 😳

— I'm not your master😅 only a slave wants to be a master


— You confuse me with your abbreviations, they are too specific! ill better go work, mine some gold from the text editor🤤💰

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— Https://

— TODO: price-filter