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September 2020

— Anyone with React Native?


Undefined is undefined man, it doesn't even tell if the array is (was) sparse, means that data structure was screwed even more🤧 i'm sure there is some use-case for non-solid-smartass arrays but that don't deserve enough memory to remember..

— Nope!

— I see you use that awful php syntax🤔

— Nope is nope man!

— Language:


console.log(`${1 in [1, undefined, 2]}, ${1 in (()=>{let a = []; a[0] = 1; a[2] = 2; return a;})()}`)

true, false

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— You mean template literals?

— Ye, better functional style one-liner🤤 my point was about higher levels of purism, but making tiny tests is fine..

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— Should be

a = ...
b = ...
c = ...
console.log a, b, c

— But no const - progress🤤

— Did I already express my disgust for fn a, b, c? At least fn a b c

— Commas denote an instruction change!