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April 2017

— I see


If you want to have flatrate music, you need spotify. If your team communicates via slack, you need slack.

— Why the emotional investment?

— Because dislinking something is emotional by nature

— Because I want my programs to not use 300mb and 10% cpu when idle

— I can't really argue logically against emotional people, sorry. I tried but got called dense. Oh well

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— Emotionally invested people always cry about a lack of understanding on the other persons part when there is none

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— Here's the thing: instead of arguing against the authors points, you completely ignore them and insult the article and the author instead

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— Insult?

— The points amount to "these numbers are too high" which I don't disagree with

— Have you rebutted any of the authors claims? Have you told any counterpoints? no

— So, if you are not misunderstanding, you should be able to give counterarguments