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August 2020

— Sure, where is your bulls🤤 you did that crypto-thing, right


You know you could have asked in a more polite way and I will give you a progress report or summary whatsoever.

— In summary, Bitcoin did not fail. We are currently above 11,000USD

— Kek, nope, i asked you previously.. you didn't tell any reasonable proof.. who "WE" and where are you there

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— Oh I must have missed that

— 😄

— You mean that pyramid gathered 11k🤨

— Oh wait! I think there is a mixed up

— Talking about Bitcoin in general or you are referring to my project

— And to burst your brain, the 2 are doing pretty fine

— I don't believe it's yours😅 wait, you said you was a contractor

— You just put code on github🤤 or where is it